The day after the 2016 election, I woke up to all the ways I’ve been asleep, and I vowed two things: to do my best to stay awake and to move into action. So I marched in D.C. I called my representatives. I gave money. But I knew I couldn’t make any kind of substantial difference on my own. More importantly, I knew I didn’t want to do it alone.

That’s why I created Inner Diva Revolution.

There’s so much change and chaos happening right now, it’s literally impossible to take it all in. It’s overwhelming, confusing and designed to make us check out and pull the covers over our heads. But what if you could engage with smart, thoughtful change-makers, who are doing beautiful, heart-centered work in the world, and find out their ideas for what we can do to create sustainable, socially conscious change? And what if you could do it supported by other thoughtful, awake, involved, curious people? Inner Diva Revolution connects you to those empowering leaders, while also building a supportive community needed to sustain impactful actions.

Engaging Interviews, Kickass Community, Powerful Action Steps

Inner Diva Revolution is an easy, free and powerful tool to connect with the new voices of change and resistance that are rising up. Each week, you’ll hear interviews with writers, personal growth teachers, activists, political theorists, filmmakers, bloggers and other community leaders. We’ll be talking about transformational change, personal growth, democracy, social justice, women’s rights and so much more. Each speaker will share what they think needs to happen in the world right now, and they’ll each provide specific action steps for our Inner Diva Revolution community to take on as a communal effort for shifting the tide. Together, we’ll create a community that supports each other, inspires new ways of being and manifests the change we want to see in the world. And it’s all free—it’s my gift and the gift of the speakers who agree to be interviewed.

The Gifts of Chaos

I believe that this time of great chaos and upheaval has the potential to be one of the greatest gifts on the planet. Let’s face it, our systems of governance have been eroding and breaking down for decades, and most of us were too checked out to care. But all that is changing. Never before have so many people around the world been so awake, connected and moved to action. And that’s just what the planet needs—because not only are we stronger together, we’re also more creative, more fun, more loving, more generous, more powerful, more badass, more hopeful, more impactful and more aligned when we act communally. As we speak up and find our voices, we learn to stand more fully in who we are. We become the amazing souls we came down here to be. And from that place, we shift the world.

All Voices Are Welcome Here

ALL voices are welcome and invited as long as you follow our one simple guideline:

Be kind and respectful. This is not a space for negativity, trolling, or bickering. We can absolutely disagree here, but respecting our differences is essential to the success of our mission for change.

Taking a Stand for the Divine Feminine Within

The name Inner Diva Revolution comes from my belief that to heal the world, we must first each look inside and heal what’s within. Inner Diva represents the concept of listening to our inner divine feminine for healing, transforming and leading. The revolutionary part comes from taking those internal messages to the streets. So is Inner Diva Revolution all about women’s issues? To some extent, yes, but it’s really in service of bringing ALL of us into inner alignment, balance and harmony. So that means everyone is welcome.

3 Easy Action Steps to Get Started

  1. Join the free Inner Diva community conversation by giving us your best email (we will NEVER share or sell it and unsubscribing will ALWAYS be easy).
  2. Participate by listening to and sharing the free interviews as well as the speakers’ ideas and action steps.
  3. Engage in inspired action and involve your local community where appropriate.

Get Involved. Be Inspired.

My name is Carla Detchon and creating community is one of the things I love most. But to create an amazing community, you’ve got to have amazing members. I hope you’ll consider joining the free conversation at Inner Diva Revolution. I’m excited about the millions of people who are awake and engaged on a level the world has never seen before. At the same time, we’ve never been so easily and so globally connected. This uprising, this awakening could be just what the planet needs. I want to be a part of that transformational energy, and I hope you do, too. So please, sign up and join the conversation.


Yes, We Can…

  • Create a community of diverse voices who share the same desire for inspired action and who are interested in creating a new way forward.
  • Connect our communal voices and our collective power.
  • Engage in targeted, powerful, world-changing action steps.

Let’s Do This – Together!