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Spiritual Visionaries.

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Live from your TRUE ESSENCE.

October 29 through December 19

Carla Detchon, Founder + Host


Are you tired of stuffing down your

Do you want to feel more
and ACCEPTING of yourself?

Do you long to CONNECT to

Then you are definitely in the
Welcome to the Revolution, Sister!

Darling Diva!

Chances are if you’ve arrived here, you’re SEEKING something. Perhaps you’ve been feeling disempowered and unfulfilled. Or you know you’re not being PAID WHAT YOU’RE WORTH.
Maybe you’re LONGING for a BETTER LIFE for you and your family. Or perhaps your DEEPEST DESIRE is for a LOVING, HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP. No matter what it is that’s calling you, I can tell you one, sure way to have it all—and that’s to tune in and listen to the deep wisdom of your HIGHER SELF, your TRUE VOICE, your CORE ESSENCE—what I call your INNER DIVA.

Your First Step? Join our FREE Interactive Speaker Series.

On these calls, our amazing teachers, powerful healers and spiritual guides
will help you:

HEAL past trauma and connect to your INNATE

rocks in waterSHIFT the BLOCKS keeping you from manifesting

EVOLVE the way you think and do things so you

Close the gap between where you are now and your

STEP INTO the MORE that your HEART is craving

on every INTERACTIVE call.

I experienced a deep sense of my Truth

“Carla is an amazing visionary… She is able to see and understand a much larger picture and offers guided clarity in healing and transforming what needs to change in one’s life. I use her teaching, her visions and tools to maintain that place of change. Her guidance is loving, positive, practical and transformational… ”

- Lynn A.

Astonishing & Life Changing Results

“…I wasn’t aware of trauma that was locked deep inside my body that was wreaking havoc on certain areas of my life. …I was able to face something that I had been too afraid to face up until now. And the bonus is that I was able to release it with Carla’s help.”

— Kristin Morelli

Inner Diva Manifesto

Sweet Soul Sisters,
Your higher self called—she said it’s time to wake up. Oh, I know you would prefer to hit the snooze button on your life just once more, but it’s time to own that delicious, diva-ine, determined part of you that knows exactly how to rock your world. It’s time to turn up your intuition so you can really listen to your powerful inner guidance. It’s time to bring your spiritual gifts out to play and share them with others so we can all shine. It’s time to build your self worth and self confidence so you can truly know and live your value. It’s time to start manifesting the reason you came down to this world (oh yes, dear sister—you had a reason). It’s time to rock your relationships and to raise conscious, awake, loving children. It’s time to be healthy in all ways. It’s time to put away your excuses and be heard and seen. It’s time to raise your vibration, raise your consciousness, and while you’re at it, why not go ahead and raise a little hell. The time of the wallflower is past, girlie girl. It’s time to live from your essence, and your essence knows just how powerful you truly are, so why are you still pretending that you’re not? It’s time to play and grow and learn in a community of soul-centered sisters. It’s time to learn how to deeply trust yourself, because when you can do that, you’ll always have your back. After all, nobody is going to hand you the perfect life on a silver platter except you! Your revolution starts now—will you join it?


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This Revolutionary Gathering of Experts
Is Absolutely FREE!

Our awesome speakers are gifting their time and talents because they believe—as I do—that it’s time for the women of the world to heal, transform and to step into their full, luscious power. To take advantage of their amazing tools and techniques, all you need is a phone or a computer to participate from anywhere in the world. And if you can’t make a live call, recordings will be available so you don’t have to miss out.

The Revolution Runs
October 29 through December 19
Grab YOUR spot now!

Carol Look
Jeneth Blackert
Lee Holden
Michelle Manning-Kogler
Lisa Barnett
Lisa Jaya Waters

Chief Robert & Terri TallTree

Elizabeth Love
Mary Beth Vanderlinden
Angela Gower-Johnson
Kristen Webster
Eric Altman
Morgana Rae
Debra Poneman
Lori Spagna
Allana Pratt
Amethyst Wyldfyre
Carla Detchon

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When you sign up now, you’ll be part of the INSIDE TRIBE that has access to all the calls for free via phone, Skype or Internet. After each call, you’ll have 48 hours to listen to the replay as many times as you want. After our global Speaker Series is over, we’ll take all these amazing calls and package them into a powerful product that women will be excited to own—but for now, you’ll have the insider’s pass to listen at no charge just by joining the revolution today! So what are you waiting for? Let’s GET YOUR DIVA ON!

  • Yes! I’m ready to BREAK FREE of what’s holding me back.
  • Yes! I’m ready to STOP SABOTAGING and START HEALING.
  • Yes! I’m ready to let MY BRILLIANCE shine.


The Inner Diva Revolution Is for you IF…

  • You’re tired of feeling stuck, overwhelmed or unappreciated.
  • You’re fed up with playing the “Good Girl” and being treated like a doormat.
  • You’re sick of ignoring and stuffing down what’s wrong in your life.
  • You’re ready to put away the excuses that keep you playing small.
  • You’re longing to connect to your deep, inner truth.
  • You want to claim your brilliance, your power and your economic value.
  • You’re exhausted from doing it all on your own, and you’re willing to ask for help.

Are you starting to feel your “Yes?”  Then you’re ready for your revolution!

How to Shift Everything—
Powerfully, Quickly and Lovingly

How do I know THIS CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR LIFE? Because I’m living proof that it works. Over a decade ago, I was lying on my couch depressed and crying non-stop, knowing I needed to change everything, yet uncertain of how to make that shift. I was longing for a life partner but couldn’t get a date to save my life. I knew on a core level that the work I was doing was empty and meaningless, but I didn’t have any other options lined up. And while my job had been providing me with good money, I just couldn’t make myself do it anymore, so I was facing a personal economic meltdown. But here’s the thing—that mess of a mid-life crisis was THE ABSOLUTE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME. Why? Because it led me on a spiritual journey where I learned to rely on my inner wisdom and guidance–the same kind of guidance that our speakers will help you to discover for yourself. And that’s how I found the life and love I had been longing for.

Why a Revolution?
Because Changing Your Life Can Be A Revolutionary Act.

The dictionary describes a revolution as “a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something.” You may be looking for this kind of change in your own life but have hit too many roadblocks, setbacks or detours to keep the search going. But let me ask you something: How would your life be different if:

  • You let your divine goddess self be your ultimate guide?
  • Your bank account reflected your TRUE SELF WORTH?
  • You knew deep inside that you’re more than just your weight or your body image?
  • You weren’t sitting in the back seat of your life?
  • You were truly seen and heard in a way that lets YOUR INNER RADIANCE shine?
  • You were ENERGIZED and INSPIRED to leap out of bed every morning?

I Had Life-Changing Results

“[I’m] able to look at myself and see my beauty, power and vulnerability. I feel powerful, connected and so free. People who know me see the difference and comment how grounded, focused and open I am. I am attracting new clients and…I really am enjoying being me and getting great results….”

— Alphie Thorn

We Went SO Much Deeper

“…It was good to be seen on this deep level, acknowledge it, have a chance to talk openly about it, and to begin to release the pattern. Seeing it now, it all seems so obvious that my thinking (that self love was not an option) was running my life…”

— Bev Taylor

Can I Ask You to Trust Me for a Second?

carla-detchonI know you don’t really know me yet, but I’d like you to trust me on something: You know that negative voice inside your head? The one that beats you up and says things like, “You can’t do that,” “You’re not good enough,” “Who do you think you are, missy” or any other combination of negative self talk? I’m pretty sure you know what I’m talking about.

So here’s the thing I’m going to ask you to trust me on: Those voices aren’t doing anyone any service—especially you. I mean, if you’re going to have voices in your head—and we all do—why not learn to REPLACE the NEGATIVE ones with positive, uplifting, inspiring voices?

I’m talking about the voices of respected teachers, loving guides and powerful healers who have already expanded, already achieved, already accomplished what it is you are longing for? Doesn’t that just make sense?

You Do Have a Choice Here.
Every day you make thousands of decision, and here’s one that really matters. If you’re not happy with your daily inner dialogue, then kick it out! Replace it with voices who teach LOVING KINDNESS, EXPANSION, how to live at a HIGHER VIBRATION, how to have HEALTHIER RELATIONSHIPS and how to be MORE ABUNDANT, HAPPY and HEALTHY.

Those Are the Kinds of Voices You’ll Find on Inner Diva Revolution.
When you IMMERSE YOURSELF IN LOVING, POSITIVE, HEALING VOICES, you’ll find that your own inner dialogue begins to shift, and you’ll find yourself with a NEW LEVEL OF SELF LOVE AND INCREASED SELF RESPECT.

And when that starts to happen—ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

I know that whenever women gather to speak their truth, listen to their bodies, invoke spirit and tell their stories, that not only do we heal our own wounds, we heal the wounds of the planet. And best of all, nobody has to do it alone. Join me, and let’s get this revolution started so we can ALL SHINE.

Carla Detchon
Founder + Host



A Ton of Emotional Bricks Lifted

“OMG! Carla is TOTALLY AMAZING! I was blown away by how fast she was able to discover the root cause of an issue that I had been dealing with since my childhood. Because of her laser-like ability to tune into my energy, I was able to release a flood of trapped emotions and energy that were hiding under many levels of repression. I felt like a ton of emotional bricks had been lifted off my soul and afterwards I felt so incredibly light that I could float on clouds.”

— Jason F.

Tune Directly into Your Internal GPS

“Carla directs you right to your internal navigational system so you can effectively engage life with clarity and gusto. She is a fantastic ally and discerning guide. Her warmth, vision and aliveness open the path up for revelation and action.”

—Dominique Lando

Free Inner Diva Bonus Toolkit

Consciously chosen and lovingly gifted from these amazing presenters, these free tools allow you to begin your Inner Diva journey to your true essence RIGHT NOW. Enter your information, and we’ll send this powerful Bonus Toolkit directly to your inbox for immediate impact. Here’s what’s included:

How to Connect with Your Inner Power

Carol Look made this 33-minute audio just for the members of our Inner Diva Tribe. It’s not available ANYWHERE ELSE—and it’s AWESOME! Carol helps you clear the conflicts that keep you from connecting to your inner power and shining brilliantly.

The REAL Cost of Low Self Worth and Self Esteem

In this 90-minute audio training, Michelle Manning-Kogler helps you turn negative self-talk into positive self-love by identifying 5 major areas of your life where you may be unconsciously sabotaging yourself.

Goddess Temple Clearing

Akashic Record expert, Lisa Barnett, teaches you “How to Empower Your Inner Goddess and Release Divine Feminine Trauma from Your Past Lives” in this free 60-minute audio. How cool is that!



  • Yes! I’m ready to BREAK FREE of what’s holding me back.
  • Yes! I’m ready to STOP SABOTAGING and START HEALING.
  • Yes! I’m ready to let MY BRILLIANCE shine.

Our Mission: Greater freedom and abundance. Healthier lives and relationships. Increased self love and confidence. Inner transformation and higher consciousness for all our Sister Divas—Starting with you!